"Gort! Klaatu Barada ... wow look what's on!"

The strength and success of any science fiction convention lies squarely on its programming and we think Con 9 has the upper hand in this area as we present not one, but four strands of classic Sci-Fi entertainment:

  1. Panel/discussion presentation strand #1
  2. Panel/discussion presentation strand #2
  3. Video Programme
  4. Nigel Honeybone's "Yesterday's Tomorrow" Science Fiction Film Festival

So just have a look to see what's on offer...


Panel/discussion presentation strand #1 and #2

To view the Con 9 programme just click on the following link Con 9 Panel Programme

Note that this programme is subject to change without notice.



Like what you see with the programme? If so then maybe you can help us because what we need are programme presenters. So if you're a keen fan of golden age Sci-Fi movies, or if you're an afficionardo of classic Sci-Fi comics, Sci-Fi radio shows, pre 1965 Sci-Fi TV that you'd love to talk about, then be sure to let us know by sending an email to con9fromouterspace@gmail.com.


Video Programme

This is an exciting part of the convention that is not to be missed as we unearth those classic Sci-Fi gems that have been long since been forgotten.

Selections in our programme include these fabulous TV shows when television itself was a science fiction phenomenon:

  • Space Patrol

  • Tales from Tomorrow

  • Tom Corbett

  • Science Fiction Theatre

  • Space Angel

  • Captain Video


  • Rocky Jones Space Ranger!


Nigel Honeybone Presents "Yesterday's Tomorrow: A Retro Science Fiction Film Festival"

As an avid film enthusiast, this is an event that is very close to Nigel's heart. Included in this special programme will be gems like:

  • Attack of the Moon Zombies

  • Terror from Beneath the Earth

  • The Monster of Phantom Lake

Also included will be our short film competition finallists and on Saturday we'll feature a traditional 1950s style movie matinee complete with a cartoon, serial short and B grade film!




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