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What on Earth was Con 80? - I hear you ask.

Con 80: The Ultimate 1980s Sci-Fi Experience was an independently run, one-of-a-kind, non-profit science fiction convention that was held on March 11-13 (Labour Day long weekend) in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of the convention was to provide an opportunity for fans to come together and relive the joys of 1980s science fiction movies and TV shows for three wonderful days ... and they did.


Here's our Con 80 Opening Ceremony video.

Pics, pics, pics...

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Tell me more, like where did Con 80 come from???

The history behind Con 80 is a somewhat interesting one. After the great joy which was Con 9 From Outer Space way back in 2012, our convention team opted to run Con 70: A Retro Sci-Fi Adventure in 2015 which was intended to be a lead up to Con 80 as part of our own special Sci-Fi convention trilogy.

Amazingly, throughout the whole three days while Con 70 was being held, the talk of Con 80 was unrelenting with many people discussing the event as if it was already a forgone conclusion. However, it was only once we balanced the books for Con 70, which occurred the day after the convention finished, did Con 80 become an official reality - up until that point its future was 50/50.

From a practical point of view, we realised during both Con 9 and Con 70 there was definitely a place in the fan community - albeit a small one - for a non-commercialised science fiction media convention which people were happy to attend, even if we didn't have any overseas actors signing autographs or taking photos.

From a content perspective, the 80s were huge within science fiction circles. Not only was there a proliferous amount of great movie material being released - including a large number of sequels to films that originated in the 1970s - but many classic TV shows found their stride in the 80s too. Also within the fan community, a number of fan clubs and conventions were either created in this decade or they hit stride during this period, which is one area Con 80 will be covering in detail.

Despite our tiny size, we've created a small, yet enthusiastic support base over the past two conventions who are very loyal to our events. So it's to these people - and the ones who will be joining us for the first time - that this convention, which will also be our final, is dedicated to.

By the fans for the fans, one last time.


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