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Flair is a young girl, she is a pretty girl and has a great future ahead of her.

But Flair doesn't dream of a home, family or friends.

Instead Flair dreams of killing men, lots of men!




26/11/09 - Flair DVDs are now being distributed to the cast and crew.

8/11/09 - IT'S FINISHED. Yes it is with great pleasure I announce that Flair: The Psychology of Killing Revisited is complete. The final audio mix was completed on the weekend and the results have turned out really great. All that remains now is to create the cast/crew DVDs, plus there is a small matter of where to screen it for everyone.

27/10/09 - The sound design has now been delivered from Scott and has turned out great, especially with how the flashback sequences sound. This means that the final mix can commence although some music changes have been requested so we're just waiting for those to arrive. As things currently stand the film should be finished in November which will be 4 months ahead of schedule, quite amazing really when you think the film was only shot in June - remembering that the first Psychology of Killing had a post production stage that took 15 months to complete (one month for every minute of screen time).

19/10/09 - It never rains but it pours, no sooner had the colour grade for Flair come in but today the music arrived from Rich in the US. Regarding the music Rich had this to say. "To be honest this was a hard one for me. Like the other Psy (Psychology of Killing) movie it is out of the realm of what is most people's comfort zone ... I had to stretch further than I ever had before musically ... it was a great challenge that I relished".

14/10/09 - The colour graded version of Flair is now finished and it looks great - a special thanks to Brett Anstey for this. Of particular interest is how we've dealt with the flashback sequences which will have people thinking about what we've done and why. All we need now is the sound and music (the latter of which is due to arrive this week) so I can put the final version together.

30/8/09 - We successfully re recorded the last line of Craig Irvine's dialogue for the film as unfortunately the original onset recording was corrupted by the movement of the dolly. Fortunately this was able to be recorded at the original onset location which will greatly help with our sound mixing. Further to this, some extra audio material was recorded with our lead actor Darren Lever and both Darren and Christine got to perform their Cast Commentary for the DVD having watched the locked edit version of the film. The other good news is that Rich has been in contact and has mentioned that the first edition of the music should be ready for review by mid September. Finally after all this, the Behind The Scenes (BTS) footage was passed over as well, so it's been a big weekend!

20/8/09 - We've secured a colour grader. Brett Anstey, the acclaimed Director of Atomic Spitballs and the feature film Damned By Dawn, has offered his services to colour grade Flair. So on the 27/8/09 I'll be passing the film over to him so this task can commence.

7/8/09 - Both Scott and Rich now have copies of Flair in their possession (remembering that Rich lives in the USA) so they can now start work on their respective tasks for the film. This is where the production will really come to life and it will be great to see (or technically hear) what they come up with regarding music and sound design.

2/8/09 - The edit for Flair is now locked. After considering the suggestions made by the reviewers a week ago, some material was removed from the workprint which in turn reduced the running time to 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Now that the edit is locked, a copy of the film will be sent to Scott our Sound Designer and Rich our Music Composer so they can commence their phase of the production.

26/7/09 - The review screening has occured with some great feedback coming back from the team. With this information in hand, the task is to now make the necessary changes with the intention of locking the edit very shortly. All going well there is a strong possibility the film will be finished before the end of 2009 which will be a lot sooner than the originally estimated completion date of March 2010.

12/7/09 - A date has been set for the first review of the workprint which will take place on 25/7/09. As has been customary for me in the past, the film will be shown to a couple of key crew members to gauge their feedback and determine if the story is doing what it set out to achieve. The workprint is now being prepared for this screening with the inclusion of temporary music (from The Psychology of Killing in fact) and sound effects.

4/7/09 - The first workprint edit is complete with a running of time 16 minutes. The edit still needs a number of refinements, however, the film is viewable as a complete story and is looking really great.

3/7/09 - Production stills now available. Refer to the Production Pics section of this site.

1/7/09 - Editing of the film officially commenced tonight.

25/6/09 - The reshoot of the problem shot has been completed. This now means that Flair officially moves into post production which will commence from next week.

22/6/09 - It's a wrap! Yep after two failed attempts, Flair: The Psychology of Killing Revisited wrapped production at 8:50pm on Sunday June 21st, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. A huge thanks to everyone involved especially as Saturday night wrapped at 12:15am and the call time for Sunday was 8am, so not much rest time for the cast and crew. I think it all went really though I've already picked out a problem that will require the reshoot of one shot later this week. Other than that, everything looked great, the cast performed extremely well so now it's just a question of putting it all together.

Cast and Crew (Photo: Beky Tully-Gibbens)

19/6/09 - Well for a second time everything is ready to go for the weekend. Ironically the two week delay has had an unexpected benefit with the writing of some new dialogue to be heard over the end credits, this will provide a bit more background to Flair and Jimmy meeting each other for the first time. Other than that, everything is packed and ready to go. I won't say "wish us luck" because last time everything fell in a heap.

17/6/09 - Had a final rehearsal/meeting with the cast tonight which was great. For the first time in weeks Darren and Christine got to catchup, try on their costumes and have a final readthrough of the screenplay. The good news is that everything is ready to go and based on the quality of their second readthrough, their performances are going to be fantastic.

11/6/09 - A new rehearsal date has been set for Wednesday June 17 as neither Darren nor Christine have read together for nearly a month so this will be a great opportunity for them to get back upto speed after their various illnesses. Plans for the reshoot are going well with a revised shot list completed along with renewed enthusiasm from the cast and crew.

5/6/09 - Unfortunately the shoot is not going ahead. In a classic example of "Murphy's law", Christine called on Friday afternoon to announce that she was sick. She was willing to attend the shoot but her performance would be severely hampered to the point where the quality of the film would also be impacted. As a result of this the production is now being pushed back by two weeks to June 20 and 21. This must be the PsyofK curse as the first film was also rescheduled three times for various reasons.

3/6/09 - Well all the pre work is finally complete. As of last night all the costumes are ready, all the props are ready, the cast and crew are ready and now there's nothing left to do but pick up the camera equipment on Friday and wait for Saturday to roll around. We did have one scare early in the week as our lead actor had a virus which put him out of action for a few days, but he's now on the comeback trail. In regards to everything else, well as I like to say "all the cards are in the air and all we can do now is see where they fall". In other words, wish us luck for the weekend.

28/5/09 - Call sheets were sent out today. Although enthusiasm for the film is high, there is a Swine Flu scare taking place in Melbourne at the moment and a lot of people are concerned about it. With shooting just over a week away, I have to really hope that my cast and crew are all fit and ready roll when the long weekend comes around.

27/5/09 - Our second rehearsal was held today which was great. Unfortunately Darren was unable to attend due to a minor car accident on the way to the location but he's feeling fine now. Christine also got to meet John for the first time where the bedroom sequence of the film was discussed in detail.

18/5/09 - We held our first rehearsal today which was great as this was the first time the cast read through the screenplay properly and got to workshop the characters. The next rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday May 27 where John will be joining us so he can meet his fellow cast members.

3/5/09 - Our second production meeting was held today and was a big success. The key issues discussed were the set dressings for Flair's bedroom, the lighting styles and type of camera to be used. After much discussion Flair will now be filmed on a Sony DSR450 camera.

20/4/09 - Rehearsals are now scheduled to commence. The dates are May 20th, May 27th and June 3rd, all Wednesdays. A production meeting is to be held on May 3rd, so it's going to be a busy month.

5/4/09 - We are proud to announce that we have secured Christine Husband as our lead actress for the role of Flair. Christine comes onto the production after having great success in stage and TV and we're really looking forward to seeing her and Darren together for the first rehearsals that will commence in May. Refer to the Cast page for more information. We've also reorganised the filming dates to remove one of the three days, so now shooting will take place only on June 6th and 7th 2009.

11/3/09 - We are happy to announce that we have a new actor on board to play the character of Simon Reeves. Darren Lever was recommened to us by Sarah Breen (Peta Torrino in the original Psychology of Killing) because of his extensive stage experience and after meeting Darren and having a readthrough of the screenplay, we welcome him into the production.

8/1/09 - The production of Flair has now been reopened with a new shooting date of June 5th, 6th, and 7th 2009.

7/10/08 - Draft 11 of the screenplay is now complete with changes recommended from the original cast.

30/9/08 - Due to reasons beyond the Director's control, the production is now on hiatus until further notice.

24/9/08 - The first rehearsal of the sequence between Simon and Flair has been completed. This was the first time the cast got to read out the dialogue in the open to each other while assuming the actual sitting positions they will be using in the film. The rehearsal was a great success with a lot of great potential being shown by both actors.

15/9/08 - Our first crew production meeting has been held with many great ideas being discussed about how to make the film look and feel unique. Wednesday next week will also see the first rehearsal take place between Mahalia (Flair) and James (Simon) which should be great. In the meantime, a meeting is being called with our makeup artist tomorrow night to discuss how Flair should look in the film.

8/9/08 - The first cast "meet and greet" was successfully held at a cafe in Fitzroy. This allowed the main cast to meet each other for the first time and to discuss details of the production. A copy of The Psychology of Killing was given to each of them so they could see the predecessor to Flair. From this meeting, rehearsal dates have now been chosen and costume ideas were discussed.

1/9/08 - We are pleased to announced that the cast for Flair has now been finalised. Joining us for this production are Mahalia Brown (Flair), James Tresise (Simon), John Cassidy (Jack) and Craig Irvine (Jimmy). Cast bio will be available from the Cast List page shortlly

6/8/08 - Draft 10 of the screenplay is now complete.

3/8/08 - Auditions for Flair were successfully held on Saturday. The task now will be to review the recorded material to determine who will win the respective roles.

20/7/08 - Another location has now been confirmed which is to be used as Flair's bedroom.

11/7/08 - The audition is now advertised on Filmnet. See here

10/7/08 - The audition location has now been secured. Auditions will take place on Saturday August 2nd at ACOPA (Australian Centre of Performing Arts) in North Melbourne.

9/7/08 - Draft 9 of the screenplay is now complete which saw three quarters of a page of dialogue removed from the previous version.

7/7/08 - Two of the four locations have now been secured. This includes the main room where the conversation between Flair and Simon takes place and the exterior of the house. All that remains now is the bedroom for the Jack/Flair sequence and the internal corridor for the Jimmy/Flair sequence.

13/6/08 - After receiving a couple of good suggestions from Russell Devlin and Scott Middlebrook regarding the storyline, Draft 8 of the screenplay is now complete.

12/6/08 - In one day all key crew positions have been filled which is great news as the call to arms only went out yesterday - especially as many of them are DMFilms veterans. The audition date for Flair is tentatively set for Saturday August 2nd, location to be finalised.

10/6/08 - We are pleased to announce that David Barker has signed on to be our DoP and Deb Franklin is returning once again as our Makeup Artist.

30/5/08 - Audition details for Flair, Jack and Simon are now available for review though no audition date has been set as yet.

21/5/08 - The production date for Flair has been set for October 17 and 18, 2008.

20/5/08 - Flair web site launched.


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