From the producers of The Psychology of Killing

A Darren Maxwell film

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Flair is a young girl, she is a pretty girl and has a great future ahead of her.

But Flair doesn't dream of a home, family or friends.

Instead Flair dreams of killing men, lots of men!


I'll be honest, the thought of making a sequel to The Psychology of Killing was never on my agenda. It just so happens that when Flair was written Robbie, my long time film making buddy, said that it should be a sequel because ultimately Flair is the same as The Psychology of Killing just with a gender twist. I gave this serious consideration before I realised that Flair would be much easier to market if it was listed as a sequel to the first film. Once the decision to change it was made, the title went from being a simple one word name to the behemoth it is now.

So why make Flair anyway? Originally The Psychology of Killing was created as a directorial challenge to see if I could successfully make a film where only one character had any dialogue and the other didn't get to say a word. The end result I think turned out quite good especially as I was supported by a fantastic cast. On top of this, The Psychology of Killing was received very well amongst my friends which was very gratifying as it could easily have fallen on its face.

So with that level of difficulty behind me what could I do next? The answer was easy, increase the challenge and make something harder. The solution to this was reasonably obvious, what if The Psychology of Killing was swapped around so it was now a female antagonist terrorising a male victim? It was from this idea that Flair was born.

Having the concept now in mind, I found that to simply create another version of The Psychology of Killing and changing the gender of the characters wasn't enough. Flair had to be different, it had to harder, grittier, meaner and push me in a direction where even I - as the Writer - was uncomfortable in heading.

This is the key reason why Flair is being made. As my first rated M film it's not intended to be viewed by the feint hearted, it's not going to be fun to watch and it's not going to be everyone's liking - but at the same time it won't be gratuitous either. This is the challenge I've set myself, to push the envelope further and to do the kind of things that others have said are not normally done.

I guess time will tell whether I succeed or not.

Darren Maxwell - Writer/Director