Darren Maxwell - Producer/Writer/Director

Darren was always passionate in the art of film making and noted how some music video clips had a reached such a high standard in production values that they could be considered mini-films in themselves. Importantly though, Darren was consciously aware there were no 'rules' governing how music videos could be made and as a consequence many of the most creative and artistic music videos in history have long since been considered classics.

It was for this very reason Darren always wanted to make a music video clip and fortunately this opportunity arrived in 2016.



Like the Sun

In 2016 Darren was offered a unique opportunity to create a music video clip which is something he had not done before.

The song 'Like the Sun' by local artist Kevin Walton was a track Darren really enjoyed, so he was keen to make the clip the best he possibly could. Of particular interest was the one caveat placed upon Darren by the song's producers, which was the video's target audience was to be the hearing impaired.

Subsequently the video featured Kevin alongside a hearing impaired performer using American Sign Language which allowed hearing impaired people to appreciate the song's lyrics. From a production perspective, Darren realised the clip couldn't be over edited with super fast cuts, too much camera movement and certainly no 'whizz bang' crazy FX which music videos are renowed for,

The end result was a stylish art piece which the producers loved and Darren was very happy with.

Like the Sun was completed in May 2016.




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