About DMFilms, including its history and operation

DMFilms was created by Darren Maxwell as an outlet for his film making endeavours. Darren is based in Melbourne, Australia.

To learn more about DMFilms' projects and productions, refer to the following link for a detailed historical timeline.

History of DMFilms


Possible future productions from DMFilms

Despite no longer making our own films, this didn't stop us from coming up with new ideas and storylines. Maybe these will see the light of day sometime in the future.


Virtual Hero

Premise - Two rival Virtual Reality game players become trapped in a VR simulation and must battle a common enemy whilst still competing for the highest score.

Current Status: A draft synopsis has been completed.


The Possession

Premise - A police officer is in the process of restoring an old car but there's something more about this car than what meets the eye.

Current Status: The screenplay for this short film has been completed but is not scheduled for production.



Premise - A sports reporter who watches live sports games is suddenly shocked to discover that the TV replays of the games he saw live have a different outcome.

Current Status: A first draft for this film has yet to be completed.



Premise - A wacky comedy about a superhero who wants to make everything clean in the world but in the process must defeat the dastardly plans of the evil Dr Dirt and his assistant Filth.

Current Status: A first draft short film screenplay is complete but is not scheduled to go into production.



Premise - A Vampire is unable to obtain affection from the woman he loves.

Current Status: Originally written as a short film only, the screenplay was to be adapted into a feature length story though a first draft has yet to be completed.


Author Unknown

Premise - Two people meet on a country highway and discover something remarkable about each other.

Current Status: The screenplay for this short film is complete but is not scheduled to go into production.


The Day the Elevator Stood Still

Premise - Nine people become trapped in an elevator when all the electricity is suddenly cut.

Current Status: This short film was based on an concept as seen in the 1951 science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. A first draft screenplay has yet to be completed.


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