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Production Images (by Reg Spoon) - ungraded    
Production Photos (by Rob Hamilton)    
The Lumberjacks Little Red Riding Hood Approaching the 18th century tavern
Reg Spoon Tamsin Scrimshaw and Tamara Donnellan What the camera sees... PiaGrace and Darren


Production Photos (by Chris Brennan)    
Tamara Donnellan The hub of the production, all the crew stations ... Bottom left: Makeup. Top left: costumes. Top right: Roam setup and data capture PiaGrace Moon


Tamara Donnellan Tamsin and PiaGrace Zane Schultz Dave Hankin and Iris Jackson


Emma Beddows and Jake Corcoran Andrew Kutzer with Dave Hankin Dave and Adam made their own crew chairs



Roam and Adam Roam's paw, the finished item ready for filming Rob Hamilton, who came up with the concept of Red back in 2005


Pre Production (photos by Chris Brennan and Adam Gill)    
Iris Jackson (the Grandmother) undergoes the casting of her neck Even though it is not a long nor difficult task the casting process is somewhat uncomfortable Ta da, the final product. From here a prostectic appliance will be created that will sit on her real neck for the film


Dave Hankin works on sculpting the head of the wolf who has been given the affectionate name of Roam because he wasn't "built in a day"and he roams around. Behind him is the mould for Roam's skull Although Roam is intended to be a real wolf, he needs to be much larger than usual as this picture illustrates


PiaGrace models for Debbie as she compares different types of fabrics and colours in preparation to make Genevieve's dress Tamara tries on her red cloak at the first costume fitting. This is one of two cloaks that will be made for the film Debbie and Darren review Brendan's costume. It may look contemporary now, but the shirt will have the collar, pockets, buttons and cuffs removed to eventually give it that 18th century lumberjack look
Darren adjusts Tom's sleeve so Debbie can make notes as to where it needs to be resewn The creation of Little Red Riding Hood's outfit was subject to a lot of discussion as there have been many incarnations of the character in films and publications that we did not want to copy. Here Debbie, Peter Sims and Darren review Tamara's corset to determine the overall style, design and colour Even little things like the style and colour of the piping used on Tamara's corset was discussed in detail


This photo is to prove that the Director of the film does do something from time to time. The picture suggests that Darren has created Roam's claw but in fact he was given permission from Dave to modify and change the design (and have a bit of fun with clay) With Roam's head built, Dave works out where the wiring will be located so Adam Gill can begin to install the electronics. Next to Roam is a cast from a real wolf's head including various measurements Working with fibreglass and plaster can be a really messy business. Fortunately someone invented a car wash with a hi pressure hose to help make live easier for Dave and his team He's coming to life now. The guys put Roam together as a mockup to see how he will look. It's worth noting the gap left between the forearm and claw as Dave's actual arms will be held straight when wearing the wolf suit


It might look like some type of dinosaur, but this is actually Roam sans ears and fur. Looking at him like this certainly gives the classic Red Riding Hood phrase "my what big teeth you have!" a whole new meaning Behind every good looking puppet are some equally impressive electronic gizmos to make it all move. Here you see some of Adam Gill's great handiwork in action


Paul Potiki creates paper templates for each "finger" of the paws then uses those templates to cut out the fur which will be attached with glue Michael Laizans cuts out the fur for Roam's head after having created a template using calico. Unfortunately it was discovered that when the fur was attached, Roam's menacing design suddenly vanished as all the sculptured detail was missing The boys at work. Adam Gill focuses on the electronics for Roam's head while Michael works with the fur. The Roam head in between them was used for practice


It might've taken nearly a year of sculpting and moulding by Dave, but the time finally arrived to attach Roam's skin to his skull. There are two heads being created for Roam, one is the full electronic version for the close ups and the other (this one) will be worn by Dave for the long distance shots He lives! Even though this is the long distance shot version of Roam, Adam still installed some electronics so his jaw will open and close What's a wolf without the ability to do some lickin! Shown here is the clay design for Roam's tongue which will fit nicely inside those big front teeth of his


The final stages of Roam's construction are now taking place. With the fur added and painted by Michael, Adam attaches the ears to Roam which will be able to move thanks to Adam's great electronic skills With the home stretch in site, the three guys who have brought Roam to life focus on completing the job in time for filming. Michael on the left attaches some fur to one of the two Roam heads, Dave in the middle cuts out some foam that will be used to pad out the costume body and Adam on the right prepares the other Roam head for some extra work It's not just the outside that needs attention, here Michael paints the inside of Roam's mouth in preparation for the tongue that will be added in later



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