A Darren Maxwell film

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Written, Directed and Edited by

Darren Maxwell


Peter Sims

Director of Photography

Shane Mengaziol

Production Designer

Peter Sims

1st Assistant Director

Rob Hamilton

Sound Recordist

Brendan Gibson

Boom Swinger

Adam Gill

Shot Logger

Andrew Gordon, Rob Hamilton

Production Assistants

Andrew Kutzer, Andrew Kershaw


Deb Franklin

Hair Stylists

Melanie Groves, Vivienne Perry

Stills Photographer

Rob Hamilton

"Behind the Scenes" Video

Chris Brennan


Georgina Fragouli

Post Production


Darren Maxwell

Sound Designer

Scott MIddlebrook

Colour Grading

Rob Hamilton

Special Visual Effects

Paul Potiki, Rob Hamilton


Rich Johnson

With special thanks to

  Andrew Kershaw and Radius Print, Alex Kapko, Kathleen D'Costa

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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF KILLING Copyright 2005 - Darren Maxwell