Character Background: SIMON REEVES


Simon had always lived a happy life. Being raised in a family consisting of two brothers and one sister, he was fortunate to enjoy close knit family ties where everyone enjoyed doing things together. As the family continued to grow, it became clear to everyone that Simon had an aptitude in mathematics and science. It was because of this interest that Simon enjoyed science fiction movies and computers, however, these interests consumed him a bit too much as he soon found that he wasn't very good meeting people socially. He had a number of friends, but they were all male science fiction computer geeks like he was.

Despite not being very good in a social environment, Simon realised that his destiny was in aeronautics and engineering which he began to study in great detail, prefering to be lost in a good science book than be out socialising with people. Once university life commenced, Simon felt he was in his element, taking on his subjects with gusto and opting to decline any party invitations that came his way (which in turn allowed him to keep his distance from girls whom he never felt overly comfortable with). He had a goal in life and that was to become a senior engineer within Hawker de Havilland.

With university life going great, Simon was enjoying a quiet soft drink at the local university bar while studying for an upcoming plane geometry exam when a pretty girl approached him at his table. The girl, whom he'd never seen before, introduced herself as Flair and started talking to him. Initially wondering if she had gotten him mixed up with someone else, it became clear to Simon that this Flair wanted to leave the bar with him and go somewhere else - though for what reason what he didn't know. Considering girls never approached him (let alone chat him up), Simon could only presume that Flair was interested in doing something with him, like maybe seeing a film. Flair, sensing what Simon was thinking, suggested that they go back to his place and Simon agreed hoping it wasn't going to be a late night as he had his exam coming up.

At the time we join our story, Simon has brought Flair back to his place where she has just stabbed him with a large knife in a totally unprovoked attack. Simon now sits on the floor with his back against a wall in shock while bleeding profusely, Flair comes across to him and sits (straddle style) on his outstretched legs.


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