Lulu - In Memoriam

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From around January 2010 until June 10, 2022 The Dag House was blessed with the presence of our darling Lulu.

Our lives were enriched by her presence because she wasn't just merely a pet cat, but she was in fact a key member of our household and quickly became the heart of our home.

Below are some pictures of her wonderful life with us. Even though she is no longer physically with us, she will live on.


Yep I'm a cat lover and the other love of my life besides Lynne is Lulu. She came to us when she was over three years old and was a great joy in our lives since.   Ahhh it's a tough life in our house that's for sure. Quite often we'll walk around the house and see her sleeping like this - all stretched out and lovin' life. On occasions when she's curled up there is so much fluff you don't realise it's a cat until you see a paw sticking out somewhere and sometimes we can't see her head at all!   The great thing about Lulu is that she loves both myself and Lynne equally. These days I'll barely get into my chair and she'll be joining me for a snooze which of course envokes the rule of "ya can't move ya four legged one when she's sleeping on your lap".
Now before you say anything we didn't put her in this position, she did this herself. She loves sleeping in one of her three beds and this one is atop a scratch post tower, which can get a bit cramped. Honestly you've gotta ask yourself "how on earth can she find this comfortable!"   Next to the scratch post bed is the window seat. Now I can understand the leg hanging over the edge in open space but once again the crooked head has just gotta be awkward let alone bad for her neck.   Where ever there is an empty box in the house you can bet Lulu will be in it. If you were to put a thought bubble in this picture it would have to say "yeah OK, I know I have box issues!".
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