Character Background: JIMMY COX


Put simply, Jimmy Cox is a nerd. Being a computer game devotee of Battlefield 2 who also loves playing Warhammer 40K, Jimmy is also a big Star Wars fan and spends most of his time immersing himself within the Star Wars culture of facts and trivia. When not spending his time online, Jimmy focuses his energy on painting miniature figures and sets for his Warhammer campaigns.

In his normal life, Jimmy is an art student at university, however, he spends a lot of his free time with his friends indulging in his gaming pursuits. It was at a gaming store that he ran into a girl who introduced herself as Flair. Flair instantly struck up a conversation with Jimmy and seemed very interested in his gaming activities. As soon as Jimmy revealed himself to be a uni student, Flair suggested they go back to his place to have a look at his painted miniature figures and for a drink. Jimmy, somewhat taken aback by this unusual interest by a girl, quickly found himself taken in by Flair's interest and didn't hestitate to accept her suggestion.

At the time we join our story, Jimmy and Flair have just arrived at his home.


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