Character Background: FLAIR ROSSLYN


Flair Rosslyn was characterised by her friends as being a girl next door type; sweet, innocent and very much unwilling to get into any trouble.

From birth her mother, Toni Rosslyn, was never really close to Flair as she was an accidental and unwanted pregnancy. Unwilling to have an abortion, Toni, who at 20 years old was still enjoying the life of a young carefree woman, took on the burden of raising Flair but from the outset her heart was never in it. While desperately looking for a way to relieve the stresses of motherhood, Toni met and quickly married a young university student named Jack Beard.

From the outset Jack and Toni were never an ideal couple. Throughout their relationship Jack was influenced by alcohol, which had the effect of turning Jack from a sweet gentle man into someone far more aggressive. As Jack became more and more consumed in his destructive environment, Toni's stress levels from dealing with Jack's drunken temperament whilst raising Flair became too much to bear so one night she simply got up and left, never to return. Flair was 13 years old at the time.

The result of Toni leaving meant that Jack was now responsible for raising Flair and, like Toni, was ill equipped to be a loving and caring stepfather. His alcoholism increased unabated.

To help deal with this difficult family life she now lived, Flair relied heavily on her friends who cared and comforted her away from home. As the years passed, Flair continually believed in her committment to Jack and felt that she needed to look after him as much as possible during his difficult times, feeling that one day he would become the loving stepfather she always wanted.

Unfortunately Jack went from bad to worse. With alchohol addiction consuming his life, he quickly found employment opportunities were drying up and he was in continual financial strife. His anger and hatred of the world eventually turned towards the teenage Flair who he began to despise as he was continually having to support her, something he never wanted to do "If you hadn't been born to that bitch of a mother of yours, then we wouldn't have been married and I wouldn't be stuck with you!".

Throughout the tumultuous homelife Flair experienced, she started seeing a boy who lived down the road from her. This was Flair's first encounter with a guy and she became attracted to him as they shared similar interests, however, her shyness (and his) meant that they were taking things very slowly as neither was sure exactly how they should move forward. As a result they had been together for two months and had barely held hands, though as friends they were inseparable.

Flair's continual glowing and positive energy aggravated Jack more and more. In Jack's eyes he was struggling with life every single day with people all around him trying to pull him down, while here was this girl who never seemed to understand how tough things were for him and instead always seemed to be bright and cheery. His envy of her increased to a point of blind hatred so he started instigating house rules for Flair, yet despite these restrictions her love for him was never in doubt.

Eventually on one fateful occasion, Jack snapped. After having being fired from yet another job due to his drinking problem, along with receiving a summons for a number of unpaid parking tickets as well as being stood up by this woman he was trying to become involved with, Jack needed a release for his hatred of the world when a joyous Flair came home late from another meeting with her "boyfriend".

On this night Jack crossed the line with Flair and continued to do so for many nights after this, eventually turning the sweet, innocent girl into something monsterous.

At the time we join our story, Flair is no longer the happy young woman that she was previously. Flair now has only one thing on her mind, vengeance. She spends her time picking up young men in bars and clubs with the sole intention of killing them. In this instance she has picked up a young man named Simon Reeves, gone back to his place where she has just stabbed him without provocation. As he sits on the floor with his back against a wall, bleeding in fear, Flair comes over to him and sits (straddle style) on his outstretched legs.


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