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The theme for our inaugural gathering (date to be confirmed - 2018)


Programme strand 1 and 2

  Room 1 (TV shows)

Room 2 (Movies)

1:30pm Doors open -
1:50pm Introduction - Being our first ever gathering we want to welcome you to Sci-Fi Zone and explain who we are and what we're about. -
2pm Babylon 5, reflecting upon a 90s classic - Babylon 5 may not be Sheldon Cooper's favourite show, but back in the 1990s it gave Deep Space Nine a serious run for its money. Featuring political assassinations, genocidal wars and some of most beautifully designed space ships and aliens you'll ever see, fans of the show have remained loyal to it even today. When gods standalone - The 1990s saw some fantastic standalone Sci-Fi movies come out: The Fifth Element, Dark City and 12 Monkeys just to name a few. For this reason we need to spend a bit of time remembering these gems of the cinema.

We may even hand out a prize to the best rendition of "multi-pass".

3pm Break Break
3:10pm They gave it their best shot - History has shown us that not all TV series will go the distance, with many being cancelled before their prime. Let's have a chat about those 1990s Sci-Fi shows which died a premature death such as Space: Above and Beyond, Seaquest DSV and others and work out whether they were actually bad shows to begin with or were they simply in the wrong market at the wrong time.

As an addition to this we have to ask, if these shows were made today would they stand a better chance of succeeding?

The sequels that just kept on coming - The 1990s saw a range of movie sequels that were sometimes good ... and sometimes not so good. Many fans lauded Terminator II and Predator II, but Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection didn't fare so well in the eyes of critics.

Let's also discuss whether having numerous sequels can be good for a franchise or is it receipe for permanently damaging one's own franchise.

4:10pm Break Break
4:20pm The Galactic Forum - Got something you want to talk about? This is an opportunity for people to discuss ANY Science Fiction topic on their mind. To be confirmed -
4:55pm Closing statements and farewells -
5pm Close Close

Entry fee - $4

Afternoon tea will be supplied with a gold coin donation




.   .   .
In its simplest form, Sci-Fi Zone is just a group of people discussing Science Fiction movies and TV shows.

To be clear, we are not a fan club nor a convention. It's for this reason we don't offer a membership subscription because there's nothing to join.

All we do is encourage people to get together once in a while to chat about the various Science Fiction topics that interest us.

Why? Because in this world controlled by social media and online domination, the basic element of primary human communication - ie face to face interaction - is sadly lacking.

So if you're a Science Fiction movie or TV fan and want to share your thoughts and views with other likeminded people in a friendly, comfortable environment, then Sci-Fi Zone is the place for you.

After all, we're about appreciating Science Fiction in its purest form, by talking about it.

.. In the good old days it was common practice at Science Fiction conventions for fans to run one hour panels where particular topics were discussed in detail.

In essence Sci-Fi Zone is very much like this but more informal. For us it's all about grabbing a coffee and few bikkies then getting some chairs together and just airing our opinions on various Science Fiction topics.

Now at face value this may not seem like an overly exciting way to spend a couple of hours, but we believe that when it comes to Science Fiction, everyone has an opinion on something. The problem is where can you air your views where people will listen to them?

This is where Sci-Fi Zone comes into play, because with over 115 years of Science Fiction media at our disposal, there's bound to be something which will pique your interest. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

So become a "Zoner" today!

.. The genesis of Sci-Fi Zone occurred on July 31st, 2016.

Michael "The Vile" Laizans was at Dags' house one night when after dinner they began discussing the great joys of our previous Sci-Fi conventions, especially the upcoming Con 80.

The Vile then recounted with immense regret how many years ago he missed a 'one night only' discussion seminar featuring his all time favourite film Gone with the Wind.

From here he said how great it would be to run a small and intimate event where the only topic of discussion was his favourite classic Sci-Fi film The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

With the seed now planted, Dags and The Vile grasped upon the idea of running a special event to talk about the film, but this quickly expanded to cater for all Sci-Fi movies and TV shows.

By the time The Vile went home that night the core values of Sci-Fi Zone (a name he thought up) were firmly in place.

The rest, as they say, is history.




Sci-Fi Zone is a face-to-face social forum designed for people who want to discuss the Science Fiction movies and TV shows they love from any era. So If there's a particular topic you want to present at one of our gatherings, then just let us know at

The only subjects we won't discuss in our formal one-hour presentations are Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who and Firefly/Serenity because fan clubs for these franchises already exist (see our Links page) and we don't want to tread on any toes.


Sci-Fi Zone is brought to you from the people who ran the following conventions



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