Character Background: PETA TORRINO

Peta is a slim and beautiful 20-25 year old female. Like many women of her age, life before Peta is just gearing up for bigger and better things. She has a great job in the Marketing department of a large company which offers a number of career opportunities, she is very popular with her friends, she enjoys dancing and parties, and being so attractive (and not being shy to flaunt it) she is very popular with the guys in her social scene. Peta lives at home with her parents and her younger sister and finds that each weekend is an great excuse to go out and dance the night away and having a few drinks, however, Peta sometimes has the problem of drinking a little too much which in turn means that her friends usually have to find ways to take her home. Peta is a kind natured, good hearted young woman who has everything going for her. She is casually seeing a guy named Nick, she does aerobics at the gym three times a week and she devours the soapies and reality shows on TV. She is very attractive, has a great figure and makes a point of wearing clothes that accentuate her stunning appearance.

At the time we join our story, Peta has been out on the town the night before and once again she had too much to drink. Her friends left her slouched on a street bench while they went off to find a taxi, unfortunately, Peta has managed to get up and stagger off down a quiet street. After being grabbed by the passing James, she passed out and has awaken to find her arms chained taught to a metal bar above her in an large empty room. She is completely gagged so she cannot speak. Though she has been restrained asleep in this position for a number of hours, she does not have any other injuries.

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